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Committed to helping children overcome challenges and achieve their full potential

Who We Are

At Amor Purus, we believe in helping children develop their strengths, talents, and skills and providing them with opportunities to grow and succeed. It includes developmental assistance, emotional support, and access to resources that could enable them to become self-sufficient and independent. Over the years, Amor Purus has grown in size and impact, touching the lives of children who have faced adversity. Through unwavering dedication and pure love, we have made a tangible difference in the lives of these children, helping them rebuild their lives, restore their hope, and realize their full potential.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Amor Purus is to provide compassionate care with pure love for children who have experienced trauma and hardship. Education, nurture, and empowerment are vital in helping children overcome their struggles and reach their full potential. By showing them that there are people who care and will not give up on them, Amor Purus is helping to build their confidence, resilience, and self-worth.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where all children have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their challenges. At Amor Purus, we are committed to making this vision a reality.

Why Choose Us

As a parent, you want the best possible care for your child. At Amor Purus, we understand the importance of finding the proper treatment for your child’s unique needs. With our individualized treatment plans, experienced professionals, and commitment to compassionate care, we provide the support your child needs to thrive. Choose Amor Purus for a brighter future.

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